UPCOMING: “Fog Bank: The Complete Story” on sale next week!

Fog Bank: The Complete Story

Hear ye! Hear ye! Beginning next week beginning Thursday, August 18th – Monday, August 22nd – the ebook Kindle edition of Fog Bank; The Complete Story will be on sale for only .99 cents!! This is your chance to get all three of the Fog Bank trilogy novellas at one time for only .99 cents!

See below for a description:

Fog Bank: The Complete Story is an omnibus compilation that includes ALL THREE installments of the highly praised Fog Bank Trilogy novellas. If you have not read the books, then you no longer have to buy them separately or wait for another installment – you can get them all in this one book! Fog Bank begins with Eva Shelby – a shy, socially awkward young woman who finds a strange patch of fog in her back yard. Within the fog, she sees a male figure. She soon begins to be plagued with darkly erotic dreams and she undergoes a transformation she never expected. Fog Bank II: The Seduction of Stanley picks up with Eva’s boss, Stanley, who feels guilty for cheating on his girlfriend, Shannon, in an unexpected tryst. Now, his secret lover is missing and he is the number one suspect! Add to this, he is now haunted by erotic dreams and is being followed by the mysterious fog bank. Finally, the big conclusion – Fog Bank III: Seeking the Siren – follows Stanley’s girlfriend, Shannon. She witnessed a horrific event and now finds herself in an unlikely partnership with FBI Agent Clive Clay. While Clive is determined to protect Shannon, she has a fury growing within her and is determined to stop the “thing” making people disappear. It will take the two of them to figure out what no one else would believe. Knowledge is power as they set out to seek and destroy the Fog Bank. The only trouble is … Shannon has come up with an idea that could draw the thing’s attention to them. Can they really outsmart an ancient predator? Their plan could work, assuming they have the courage to go through with it.

***Warning: This book contains explicit content and adult situations.