The Witch of Hadler’s Woods is Lurking …

…. in my imagination as serious writing has begun. I hope to release the novel by Labor Day. I thought it was past time to update my readers on the progress of this novel in which so many people have expressed an interest.

It’s coming … Are you ready for this romantic dark fantasy?

The Witch of Hadlers Woods cover


The Witch of Hadler’s Woods

A novel by Leigh McQueen

Jeremy Fowler is a freak, but it’s a secret – a secret he is having a hard time keeping.  He has had an “imaginary” friend named “Kinal” since he was five years old. The problem is that he is almost 23 and his imaginary friend still exists and has grown demanding. Fearing for his sanity, and at Kinal’s insistence, Jeremy decides to spend the summer after graduation in his hometown of Cummings, Tennessee. Kinal’s demands grow more urgent and Jeremy finds himself drawn to the thick woods on the North side of town – a hundred acres owned and protected as a historical site. Known as Hadler’s Woods, it has been the source of fear, fascination, and superstition for generations. It is said that there is a witch who lives deep in Hadler’s Woods and Kinal is insisting that Jeremy go and meet her.

For what purpose? Unfortunately, Kinal is keeping that to himself.