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($6.00 and FREE USA SHIPPING until Nov. 24, 2015)

Eva Shelby has come to the conclusion that the price for some excitement in her mundane life is too high. Her normal life is filled with things like the daily work grind, a tight budget, an overprotective mother, a failed relationship, and a long-nursed crush on her boss. The excitement begins one night after she notices a fog bank in her back yard. There is a man waiting and watching her from within the fog. The appearance of the fog coincides with a series of darkly erotic dreams and a bout of sleep walking. Fascination turns to fear as each appearance brings the fog closer to Eva’s back door. What is the fog? Who is the figure within it? What does it want? These are all questions to which Eva needs answers and time is swiftly running out.

***Warning; this book contains explicit content and adult situations.


($7.00 and FREE USA SHIPPING until Nov. 24, 2015)

Stanley felt guilty. His head was still reeling as he drove home. His fingertips tingled as he remembered the feel of her body beneath his hands. He had just stopped off at Eva’s house to drop off the book he had borrowed on behalf of his girlfriend, Shannon. He had ended up in Eva’s bed. Something about her had changed in the last few days. He noticed some swift and unmistakable transformation taking place.

Stanley’s confusion only grows in the next 48 hours, when the police show up at the law firm where he works. Eva is missing and he will become the number one suspect when his DNA is discovered at the crime scene. His brief transgression will begin a chain of events as some dark and relentless force begins to encroach on his life.

Adding to his anguish, there is the fog bank that seems to stalk him at a distance and erotic dreams that have him fearing he has lost his sanity along with his integrity.
***Warning; this book contains explicit content and adult situations.


($7.00 and FREE USA SHIPPING until Nov. 24, 2015)

Shannon Beckman has been through a lot. She witnessed a horrific event and now she finds herself in an unlikely partnership with FBI Agent Clive Clay. He is afraid that the supernatural entity that has caused the disappearances of numerous people over the past two years could turn its attention to Shannon next. While Clive is determined to protect Shannon, she has a fury growing within her and is determined to stop the “thing” making people disappear. It will take the two of them to figure out what no one else would believe. Knowledge is power as they set out to seek and destroy the Fog Bank. The only trouble is … Shannon has come up with an idea that could draw the thing’s attention to them. Can they really outsmart an ancient predator? Their plan could work, assuming they have the courage to go through with it.

***Warning: This book contains explicit content and adult situations.