Our Haunted Rocking Chair


(**This is a guest blog – a real account of an incident with my friend “Serenity.” Due to the nature of the personal family history of things that had happened in her boyfriend’s house, she preferred to remain anonymous. Also, Serenity is a Wiccan – a witch [the good, nature-loving kind] – and is a Southern girl who prefers not to have the negative stigma associated with that term by those ignorant of what it really means. She also stated that she had been involved in several paranormal investigations.)


Our Haunted Rocking Chair

Guest Blog by Serenity

Okay, so I think we had moved into my boyfriend’s grandmother’s house probably five months or so before we decided to clean the attic.

Well, we don’t have a light up there, and being the inventive people we are, we decided to use our cell phone lights as flashlights.

There was a rocking chair that had belonged to my boyfriend’s grandmother. We moved it upstairs into the attic. We had some roommates who were upstairs in the attic looking for some speakers. They told us they kept hearing footsteps upstairs with them. They looked around and yelled downstairs asking if my boyfriend or I had come up there with them.

Neither of us was up there with the roommates. I was at the bottom of the steps and my boyfriend was in the living room moving stuff.

Our roommates decided to ignore what they had heard and went back to what they were doing, when one of them suddenly turned toward that old rocking chair because he heard something coming from that direction.

He shined his cell phone light and the rocking chair began to move.

Well, living with a witch and experiencing stuff like this before, they didn’t just trip and scream like little girls, but they did retreat from the attic with a comical swiftness.

Sometime later, we moved the chair back downstairs into the living room. Well, one night I walked into the living room because I could hear something moving in there. When I turned the light on, I saw the rocking chair moving up and down.

Being a witch, I knew who and what it was. The background story of the home was that my boyfriend’s grandmother had committed suicide in the living room area of the house, while his aunt and his grandmother’s sister were in kitchen area.

Recently, we have not had any movement or hearing of footsteps, but I do believe it is his grandmother there making sure nothing happens to her grandson and their house.

This was one of the milder spooky encounters I have had. I am glad Leigh allowed me to share it. I hope this was a story worth reading.