Nightmare #1 – The Dark Ride


Nightmare #1 – The Dark Ride

I have had nightmares that have been so bad, that I laid trembling for a long time afterward – wide awake and unable to sleep. Some of my nightmares have been so bad, that my ex-husband once told me, “Just tell me you had a nightmare and I will hug you and comfort you, but please don’t tell me the details of your nightmares anymore.”

Yes. My nightmares were that bad … that terrifying.

So, I thought it might be an appropriate way to continue my “Spooky Saturday Stories” to talk about some of the nightmares I might want to share, and also include the worst nightmares of other people who are willing to share.

Tonight’s first installment comes from my husband, Neil Rocker, who said he had a recurring nightmare when he was a little boy.

It may not sound like much in broad daylight, but put yourself there …. In the driver’s seat, so to speak, and really think about how terrifying this would be.

My husband grew up in Northern California and speaks of many roads that wind along mountain cliffs. Perhaps it was the sharp curves or the sheer drop-offs, but either way, the roads are something that demand attention and respect.

Neil’s dream was that he was riding his bicycle in the dark. He’s never sure why, but he was terrified. He said sometimes it was also raining in the dream. He was compelled to keep riding, but he could barely see the road ahead. He kept pedaling away as carefully as he could but the road curved off into the dark and he was riding blind.

He could not see that the road was gone before he suddenly rode off a sheer drop.

He falls fast in complete darkness. Screaming.

He said he always woke up before he hit the bottom.

He said the last time he remembers having the dream, he awoke just before he hit the bottom.

He awoke falling off the top bunk of the bunk bed he shared with his younger brother.

His sudden landing on the floor, scared the crap out of his little brother.

So … has anyone else had a similar dream? I find it very interesting that so many of us have similar nightmares.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope you enjoy your week until we meet again.

Peace out,


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