McQueen Title Now Available on NOOK!

Tenebrarum Tempore Cover

Hear ye, hear ye! My short story collection – “Tenebrarum Tempore” (Latin for Dark Season) is now available on NOOK! So …. if you’re a Nook user, don’t feel left out – This collection is only .99 cents and just in time for Halloween – Bwahahahaha!

Seriously, these are all previously published stories so you know they are pre-approved as “good.” C’mon … enjoy … you KNOW you want to ….

Here’s a description:

Tenebrarum Tempore is a collection of four chilling tales from author Leigh McQueen: A family fights to survive a terrifying summer in “The Longest Season;” a next door neighbor has an unusual relationship with his plants in “Sapp’s Green Thumb;” a woman’s search for specific “souvenirs” is vital to her survival in “Imps;” and a woman is kidnapped and held prisoner in a basement by man who is being forced to do so in “The Escape.” The stories are separated by dark poetry chosen to set the mood. **Warning: Some stories contain graphic content.

You can purchase Tenebrarum Tempore using the link below: