Lullaby of a Ghost



If you consider the genre in which I write, you will be surprised to learn that not all of the stories I am going to relate are actually scary. Some are – like the one below – are just eerie paranormal tales. While the past two stories were spooky tales and took place at the last rental place we lived, today’s blog is just the telling of a couple of oddities that took place in a house we owned, not far from where I live now. (This is why I believe the land on which I live is haunted.)

I hope you enjoy tonight’s little tale:


Lullaby of a Ghost

Many, many years ago, when my children were little, their father and I bought a tiny house out in the country. We enjoyed our little house and immediately went to work expanding it along with our expanding family.

Despite a divorce years later, we still have so many happy memories from our time there. As far as spooky stories, we had all reported feelings of a “presence” there. My ex-husband said there were nights when he swore he heard voices “whispering.”

I had my own experiences, but only two distinctly stand out in my mind and neither were frightening … just a little eerie and unsettling.

One experience happened after I had decided – rather late into the evening – to do some vacuuming. I kept the vacuum cleaner in the large, walk-in closet in the master bedroom. The sun had set and the lights were off in the bedroom and I crossed the room to go to the closet, without turning on any lights. As many of you can probably relate, you are very familiar with places you have lived for a long time and can normally navigate quite well in the dark.

I had just rounded the end of the bed, in the darkest part of the room, when I distinctly felt a finger tap me on the back of my left shoulder. I stopped and turned, completely convinced one of my children had followed me into the bedroom, as they often followed me everywhere.

“Wha–?” I asked, as I turned.

There was no one visibly there, but I strongly “felt” a presence as real as if there were a person standing there. I did not feel threatened, just nervous. I went to the closet, got the vacuum, and quickly left the room.

The second experience took place in the middle of the night. My ex-husband was working that night, so I was sleeping alone when I suddenly awoke. I had fallen asleep lying on my right side facing the side of the room where the bedroom door was. I did not just awaken.

I was startled awake, but could not find the cause. I wondered if my husband had come home from work, or if one of the children had called out for me. Either one of those things could have startled me awake.

I raised up on my elbow and listened … and waited for more sounds or something that would further indicate what had woke me.

The bedroom door was open. I could see a shaft of light falling into my room from the hallway. We always left the hallway light on – mostly for the kids so that they could easily find their way to the bathroom at night, if they needed to.

There was no sound … the house was silent.

A moment later, I felt a touch, like a finger running down my cheek and I distinctly heard a soothing sound, “Ssshhhhh …..” in my ear. A gentle pressure, like a hand, pushed me to lie back down on my pillow. I had the sense that a presence was quietly encouraging me to go back to sleep.

I guess that was a ghost’s version of a lullaby.

It probably happened more than a decade ago, but I still remember it so clearly.

Sweet dreams, Ya’ll.