It Came Out of the Dark


In my stories all names are changed (even the pets) to protect identities. With that said … my second oldest daughter – we will call her “Sidney,” related this tale to me when we were still living in the house from my inaugural story. I have been asking people around me – friends and family – to give me material for the blog. The criteria being that they must be REAL ghost stories or scary supernatural experiences and I will write about them on the weekly blog. 

So ….here’s Sidney’s scary experience:


It Came Out of the Dark

Sidney had recently had a run of bad luck. Her job as a bartender had cut back on hours and she had to move back in with me and her step-father, Neil. At the time, we were living in an old house out in the middle of the boonies. It was comfortable enough, but small and had the usual, old house types of issues.

Sid has always been kind of a night owl and she had to get used to the fact that she was no longer living alone. She liked to stay up nights. This was rough because when she got home it was late and Neil and I had already gone to bed. In that little house, you could hear EVERYTHING if someone was up moving around. My day job requires me to get up early … well, earlier than a bartender’s job, anyway.

During nice weather, Sid would sit out in a chair on the front porch and ponder the stars as she would wind down from the work day without waking us up. Her faithful companion on those nights was her huge German Shepherd, Kundalini. Now, to say Kundalini was a big dog, is an understatement. Sid stands 5’9” and when her dog was standing on his back legs he could look her in the eye with his front paws on her shoulders.

We had to be careful with him because he was playful and could easily knock you down or scratch you with his large claws.

One night, Sid said she was sitting outside and sipping a cold drink and had been talking quietly on her cell phone when Kundalini became agitated. He began to growl at something in the yard.

Sid said ended her call when she heard what sounded like soft steps across dead leaves, but there was enough moonlight where she could tell there was no one there – not human or animal, anyway.

The sound stopped and Kindalini chuffed and sat back down next to her. A few moments later the dog became agitated again and began what Sid always called his, “deep, scary warning growl.” His eyes were fixated to a spot in the front yard – just a few feet in front of them. Sid, always a brave young woman, got up and came down the porch steps to stand in the front yard.

Her dog came with her and stood rooted to her side. He let out a couple of frightening barks. Sid stood in the front yard looking at the spot upon which Kundalini was focused. The dog’s growls were deep and scary. She felt “watched.”

Sid was creeped out at this point. She decided it was time to go back into the house. She grabbed the dog’s collar to bring him with her. She turned to go toward the house when she heard a sound behind her and something pushed her from behind.


She said she was pushed hard enough to make her stumble forward several steps. She almost fell up the porch steps. It felt like when Kundalini was being playful and got up on his hind legs and would push on her back, but the dog was at her side. She gasped and turned to look behind her.

There was nothing there. She grabbed her dog and he did not need a whole lot of encouragement to run into the house with her.

She never had another incident like that one, but she did say there were other vindictive little incidents like pictures falling off walls for no reason, odd knocks and other sounds, and lights flickering.

Coincidence? Faulty wiring? Perhaps … or … maybe it was something else.