Hide and Seek Ghost

Today’s Spooky Saturday Story is a recollection/real life experience from my friend – and romantic comedy author – Austyn Faulkner. Thank you Austyn!


Hide and Seek Ghost

Spooky Saturday Story – Guest Blog by Austyn Faulkner

I was rocking the second grade way back when I was 6 (yes…I started school early at the tender age of 5). Way back then my parents enforced an early curfew to make sure I got plenty of sleep so my exceptional mind would be fresh and ready for the next school day.

One particular night, I had gone to bed but I wasn’t sleepy. I tossed and turned and sighed loudly, hoping my Mom would let me get back up and finish watching Hee-Haw, but as usual she ignored my attempts to be noticed.

However….as I lay there, staring at my closet door, wondering if the shark from JAWS (the movie my Dad and I had just finished watching) would really be able to live in there, I felt the sensation of someone watching me.

Thinking my Mom had come to release me to watch more TV, I looked toward the open door of my bedroom and there was the head and shoulders of a boy from my school.

He was standing in the area between my parents’ room and mine and leaning into the doorway watching me. Now, I knew who David was, as he was the brother of my classmate, but I really didn’t think I knew him well enough for him to be in my house, peeping at me in my Scooby-Doo pj’s.

I asked him what he was doing and he jerked back to hide behind the wall but he didn’t stay there. Seconds later, he leaned around and peeked back into my bedroom. So again, I asked him what he was doing. He jerked back behind the wall. This went on for a few minutes, our game of weird Hide and Seek, until my Mom came storming back through the house, having heard me talking.

I explained to her that David Jensen was hiding outside my door and he kept peeking in. Not only did she not believe me, but I got in trouble and she shut my bedroom door, leaving me in the black darkness.

With my mind off the shark that may or may not have been in my closet, I turned on my Cabbage Patch Kids flashlight I kept hidden under the bed for emergencies and surveyed my room. I kept the light on for David but he didn’t show himself again and before long, I was sound asleep.

The next morning, over my Smurfberries cereal, I tried once again to tell my Mom I wasn’t being a brat the night before and that David had really been in the house. She told me I was watching too many scary shows. No more Munsters and Twilight Zone reruns for me.

When I got to school that morning, I was shocked to see my teacher crying. As I got situated at my desk, I asked my best friend Deliah, who sat behind me, what was going on. She told me David Jensen had died yesterday afternoon. It’s been so long that I don’t remember exactly what had happened to him. All I do remember was that they said he was in the yard and had gotten sick. By the time they got him to the hospital, he had passed away.

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(***BONUS For your spooky pleasure, Austyn included some pictures from a visit to the Myrtles Plantation – a famously haunted place and see below to view her commentary on the pictures below.)

“When you look at the picture of the door, it looks like there is a towel or something hanging on the door. It isn’t!!!!!  It showed up in a couple other pictures as well. The second picture-there is an orb by the picture frame. The third picture has an orb in the curtains. The rest of the blobby thing—not sure. It looks like it might be glare/light casting a shadow but it’s not. When I saw the picture, I immediately took another one and it wasn’t there in that one. So…..”

myrtles pic 1 myrtles pic 2 myrtles pic 3