Great new Five Star Reviews for FOG BANK TRILOGY!!



Can you TELL how excited I am?!


I am blown away by three wonderful reviews for each novella in the Fog Bank Trilogy! Those little stories continue to grow in popularity and this evening, I saw that an author who I have come to respect and adore for her kindness and honesty — has given all three books great reviews. Folks, this is a big deal. There are places I still cannot even PAY to advertise because I haven’t gained enough reviews yet … It’s difficult to get your name out there. People who you know LOVE your work will not leave reviews. But, here is this busy, busy author who only has recently gotten to know me online and read my work … and she not only enjoyed it, but took the time and effort to let everyone know what she thought.

Thank you, Laney Smith! From the bottom of my heart – you are so amazing and I hope somehow you know how much this meant to me. You more than made my day! You have made my entire month!!!

I am including Amazon links below so that you can see the books and the reviews and decide for yourself if you might want to give them a try.

Fog Bank (the first book)

Fog Bank II: The Seduction of Stanley

Fog Bank III: Seeking the Siren