Fog Bank II Write A Thon

For all those who have been bugging me for exactly when Fog Bank II: The Seduction of Stanley is coming out – I am aiming for July 15.

Sneak Preview:

“Stanley was scared and pissed at being scared. It was unreasonable, illogical and out of character for him.

Yet, it was still true.

In his grown man’s heart, the little five-year-old boy surfaced to tell him that if he turned off the bedroom light, ran three steps and leaped as far as he could, he would make it to the bed without the boogie man’s scaly arm reaching out from under the bed to snag one of his ankles and drag him off to a place that was too terrifying to name. That little boy now told him to run across the grass, away from the building before he reached the end, forgetting the human-directed sidewalk path, and sprint directly to his car.

He pulled out his keys and worked up his courage and descended the last to steps to the sidewalk.

He took a deep breath and ran to his right, into the grass and away from the building in a path parallel to his car, and then he bolted for the car — unlocking and starting it remotely as he ran. He felt a moment of triumph as he wrenched the door open and dived into the driver’s seat. He slammed the door shut and locked himself in.

He could clearly see the shadowed side of the building and could not make out any would-be attacker. All Stanley could see was the swirl of a low ground fog that had begun to spread from around the building and past the lower steps where he had just been.

The fog was thick and aggressive. He shivered as he watched it.

It had been a long and strange day. He backed out of the parking space and headed home.”

Fog Bank II: The Seduction of Stanley by Leigh McQueen


I am getting my patriotism on ( have decorated in anticipation of Independence Day and I am engaged in a Write-A-Thon to finish my first draft of Fog Bank II. It won’t be long now!

Leigh McQueen July 4 part 2