FOG BANK II: The Seduction of Stanley is LIVE!!!


Fog Bank II: The Seduction of Stanley

Fog Bank II: The Seduction of Stanley has been described as even “sexier and hungrier” than before!


Stanley felt guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. What had just happened? His head was still reeling as he drove home. His fingertips tingled as he remembered the feel of her body beneath his hands. He had just stopped off at Eva’s house to drop off the book he had borrowed on behalf of his girlfriend, Shannon. He had ended up in Eva’s bed. They had been co-workers and friends for several years. He had not realized how drawn he was to her until that evening. Something about her had changed in the last few days. He noticed some swift and unmistakable transformation taking place.

What had begun as an innocent visit had ended up in a huge transgression as he cheated on his girlfriend with Eva. This was not like him. He was normally loyal. He had never cheated on a girlfriend before.

Stanley’s confusion only grows in the next 48 hours, when the police show up at the law firm where he works. Eva is missing and he will become the number one suspect when his DNA is discovered at the crime scene. His brief transgression will begin a chain of events that will affect his future and Shannon’s as some dark and relentless force begins to encroach on his life.

Too many unanswered questions haunt him: What happened to Eva? Will Shannon ever forgive him? Can he clear his name?

Adding to his anguish, there is the fog bank that seems to stalk him at a distance and erotic dreams that have him fearing he has lost his sanity along with his integrity.

(**WARNING: This book contains explicit content and adult situations.)

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