Confederate Ghost Encounter on a Dirt Road


(**This is a guest blog – another real account of an incident with my friend “Serenity.” She continues to prefer to remain anonymous. Serenity is a Wiccan – and is a Southern girl who prefers not to have the negative stigma associated with that term by those ignorant of what it really means. She also stated that she had been involved in several paranormal investigations. **Oh, and by the way, the picture above is for illustrative purposes only, and is NOT a picture from the incident referenced below.)

Confederate Ghost Encounter on a Dirt Road

A Guest Blog Post by Serenity

Okay, so here is the story: I was driving to my friend’s home to hang out and have a little party. I had driven on that road a hundred times or more.It was a dirt driveway that was a dead end.

Well, that night I drove down the road … and right outside their family’s graveyard, I saw a Confederate soldier holding the hand of two little girls. When I shined the lights on them, it did not go through them, but they were pale and you could see the fence behind their bodies. I can’t remember if they had faces. I thought they did but, I can’t remember. The two little girls held his hands, and I could tell their heads turned and were following my car … and then me when I got out of my car.

The trio just silently watched me till I pulled up and stepped out of the car going in the house. I was surprised at first, but I never felt like I was going to be harmed. It was an odd feeling.

When I got inside the house, I asked my friend about it and he stated it was his nieces who passed away before being born (but they looked like they were 7 years old when I saw them) and the gentlemen was his great-great-great-granddad. I opened the door again and they were gone .After that night though, I never saw those figures again.