A Ghost Was Haunting My Dog

Moo 2010


A Ghost Was Haunting My Dog

Written by Leigh McQueen – as told by Neil Rocker

My husband Neil once told me a real life story of a ghost that had haunted his dog for a while. This is an account of an incident that had happened many years ago when he was living out West.

Neil had a Jack Russell terrier named “Moo.” She was named because her black and white markings made her look like a miniature cow. A few months before he got Moo, Neil had taken care of his step-father, Greg, as he was dying of cancer. Neil took Greg into his home where he could care for him whenever the hospice nurses where not there to help. According to Neil, Greg always had a rather sadistic sense of humor. He finally passed away one evening in February.

After the mourning process had settled, Neil got Moo sometime in May. Moo was about a year old when the “incidents” began. The first time it happened, Neil said he was sitting on the couch on a Saturday afternoon, watching college football. Moo was contentedly curled up next to him – warm against his leg – as he watched the game.

Neil said suddenly Moo raised her head up. Her eyes got wide with fear and she began to tremble uncontrollably. She kept looking toward the ceiling. Neil tried to calm her by petting her and asking what was wrong, but nothing helped. She jumped down and went into her kennel and laid down in her dog bed, still trembling.

After a few moments, she got up again and ran into the guest bathroom – the first one down the hall – and hid behind the toilet, between the toilet and the wall. Neil said she did not want to come out. The little dog (who was afraid of nothing that he knew of – in fact, he was fairly certain she thought she was Godzilla) was terrified and Neil had to get down on the floor and work to pull her out. He picked her up in his arms, walked back into the living room, and sat her down next to him on the couch.

The moment he took his hands off of her, she jumped back down, ran into the bathroom, and hid – trembling – behind the toilet again. Neil pulled her out again and the process was repeated a couple more times until Neil got tired of it and shut the bathroom door so she couldn’t go in.

When he shut the door, Moo ran and leaned against it – trembling so hard that the door audibly rattled. He said Moo would look at him, look at the living room ceiling, and then at the bathroom door – look at Neil, then the living room ceiling, and then at the bathroom door. Neil knew she wanted him to open the door, but he did not know what was going on with her and wouldn’t comply.

Finally, he picked her up and took her, put her in her kennel and closed the kennel door. She crawled into her doggie bed and curled up as small as she could make herself. She trembled so hard the kennel vibrated against the wall.

Neil is an open-minded guy who said he has always been open to the idea of ghosts and haunting. He said he believes there is too much in this world that is just beyond our knowing, so anything is possible. Moo’s behavior – the terrified way she kept looking at something he couldn’t see – made him believe it was a ghost. He wondered if it was the ghost of his recently deceased step-son, John.

After a few more minutes, Moo calmed down and wanted out of her kennel. Apparently, whatever scared her had left.

This same incident occurred several times over the span of a few years – usually whenever he and Moo were alone on the weekends – but once or twice during a time when Neil’s girlfriend was there. (This incident predates me.) Due to the nature of the dog’s terror, and based on his knowledge of his step-father’s sadistic sense of humor, he began to suspect it was not John, but Greg that was haunting his dog.

One day, after about three or four years of random incidents of Moo staring at the ceiling and becoming unglued, Neil was tired of watching his poor dog being tormented. He said he looked up at the ceiling – at the spot in which the dog was fixedly staring – and he yelled, “Okay!! That’s enough! Quit tormenting my dog! I don’t know who you are, or where you come from, but I am not scared of you and you are not welcome here! You are a bully and you have to leave! Go back to where you came from!”

After Neil’s abrupt confrontation with the entity/spirit or whatever it was, the occurrences stopped. Moo lived to be 14 years old without another incident.

What is a ghost? Who knows … it remains a mystery.