A Few Exciting Announcements and a Reminder!



Good morning, Dear Readers!

  1. I just wanted to provide you with a couple of things this morning … the first is that there is only a few days left in the Goodreads Giveaway for a signed, print copy of Fog Bank: The Complete Story. The giveaway goes on until the September 23rd and I am giving away 10 copies!  There is a link along my sidebar, or down below that you can click to take you where you need to go to enter.

Fog Bank: The Complete Story

2. The next item is an announcement to let you know that I am picking up the “Spooky Saturday Story” blog again and this time I have invited a few special people (ahem – including myself) to tell me about their worst nightmares! So … these are actual nightmares that people have had. Myself – I’ve always been prone to some really vivid nightmares and I thought that was over until recently when it began again. Thus, began the seeds of a blog idea. The first installment will be about a horrifying bicycle ride. Be looking for it this Saturday!


300 excited

3. My second announcement is that I will soon be retiring the three novellas in the Fog Bank Trilogy! I have compiled everything into one book – Fog Bank: The Complete Story, so I felt there was no need to keep selling portions of it separately. These will soon be collector’s items so grab them while you can! I plan to take them off the market sometime in October. The only place you can get them right now is on Amazon.com.

Fog Bank Trilogy Advertisement shorter version

4. Finally, work on The Witch of Hadler’s Woods is going much better now that my life appears to have settled down a bit I think that this story is going to be HUGE … spawning at least four or five other books – not part of a series as much as it will take a few books to tell the whole tale. The last two books will be more like spin offs really …

The Witch of Hadlers Woods cover

So, that’s it for now. I hope you all enjoy your day – Friday is just around the corner so hang in there!

Blessings to you all!

Peace out,